Recreation ground

Improved facilities and a larger recreation area

There are several improvements planned for the recreation ground at Lesnes Abbey Woods. This scheme also aims to make this area have better links to other parts of the park though new and improved footpaths and gateways.

Outdoor gym
Easily accessed from the entrance to the park on Abbey Road, the new outdoor gym equipment will introduce the recreation ground to visitors.

Parkour zone
A first for the borough - the new parkour zone will be located in the underused existing play court area.

Pump track
The pump track is planned for the far end of the recreation ground and will wind a route through the recreation ground, gently into the woodland and back.

Picnic area
With more seating and tables in this area next to a new footpath to the Abbey ruins, visitors will be able to enjoy the wider park and the wide range of opportunities on offer.

Outdoor table tennis
Millions of people of all ages play table tennis worldwide and when played regularly it improves reflexes, hand-eye coordination and balance. Along with the outdoor gym and trim trail, the improved facilities in the recreation area will enable access to free fitness opportunities for visitors.

Trim trail
The Lesnes trim trail is a wonderful way of encouraging physical exercise for all ages whilst bringing the woodland and recreation ground together in a fun, interesting and exciting setting.